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Work Experience

Software Engineer

Jul. 2022 - Present

Ember.js, TypeScript, C#, Mirage.js, Sass, Atlassian

University at Buffalo

Undergrad Teaching Assistant

Intro To Computer Science I

Aug. 2019 - May 2022

Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SQLite3, Bottle

Software Engineering Intern

May 2021 - Jul. 2021

Ember.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, C#, Highcharts, Sass


Screenshot of Crafting Cannon

Crafting Cannon

Jan. 2022 - May 2022

React, Figma, HTML/CSS

A writing platform where the direction of a story is decided upon by the community built around it. Frontend created with a team of 5 for Applied Human-Computer Interaction (CSE370)

Screenshot of UB Marketplace

UB Marketplace

Sept. 2021 - Dec. 2021

React, Figma, Spring, MongoDB, Java, HTML/CSS

A community marketplace where college students can buy/sell various items. Created with a team of 5 for Software Engineering (CSE442)

Miiverse Museum logo

Miiverse Museum

Dec. 2020

Python, PostgreSQL, SQLite3

Twitter bot which randomly posts images from the now defunct social media platform "Miiverse"

Startpage screenshot


Dec. 2020

Next.js, React, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

Single-page web application which aggragates productivity/weather data

Image generated by Minecraft Camera

Minecraft Camera

Oct. 2020

Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

Webpage which transforms camera feed into Minecraft blocks. Made for UBHacking 2020.

JobApplication.Space screenshot


Aug. 2020

React.js, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

React webpage to organize job applications by type/status.

BADA BING screenshot


Jun. 2020

Godot, GDScript, Aseprite

A mystery adventure game about mafiosos visiting a rural town. Honorable mention in the "I Can't Draw" 2020 game jam

Fishing Bot logo

Fishing Bot

May 2020

Python, SQLite3

Bot for the social media platform Discord which plays an idle fishing game and stores in-game progress

Drill Shakespeare document screenshot

Drill Shakespeare

May 2019


A collection of sonnets generated by splicing the writings of Shakespeare with lyrics from popular Chicago drill rappers. Written as a final project for "Introduction to Electronic Literature" (ENG281)

NewsMood logo


Mar. 2019

Python, JavaScript, Flask, Google Cloud Platform, HTML/CSS

A full-stack web application which determines the sentiment of media coverage around user provided topics. Built for SteelHacks 2019 with a team of 5.

Movie Auction screenshot

Movie Auction

Dec. 2018

Python, JavaScript, Flask, Google Cloud Platform, HTML/CSS

A party game about guessing popular film box office returns, using movie data dynamically retrieved from OMDb. Built as a final project for Intro to Computer Science I (CSE115).

Art & Writing logo

The Summoner

Mar. 2018

A short humor story about the Vatican and musical chairs. Won a gold medal in the 2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Ultimate Waiting Game Championship screenshot

Ultimate Waiting Game Championship

Feb. 2018

Lua, LOVE2D, Aseprite

A competative local multiplayer game about doing literally nothing.

Suggestion Box screenshot

Suggestion Box

Jun. 2017

Haxe, Haxeflixel, Photoshop

A simulation/comedy game about fielding terrible business ideas. Featured on the front page of GameJolt, and on PC Gamer's "Free Games of the Week"