Colin Walsh 🎮

BADA BING (2020)

A point-and-click adventure built using Godot in 2 weeks for "I Can't Draw Jam" (won Honourable Mention) GameJolt
Box Office Auction (2018)

A Phaser game made for CSE115. Dynamically utilizes the OMDb API to create a game where players guess the box office success of hit films.
Suggestion Box (2017)

A simulation game made in HaxeFlixel. Was put on the front page of GameJolt, and was featured on PC Gamer's "Free Games of the Week" GameJolt PC Gamer
Ultimate Waiting Game Championship (2018)

A local multiplayer game about doing literally nothing made in LOVE2D. The only game I'm aware of that the mere act of playing creates physical pain. GameJolt