Colin Walsh 💾

Minecraft Camera (2020)

Made for UBHacking 2020. Takes webcam video and filters it into Minecraft blocks in real time. Made using Vanilla JS and Python.
GitHub Devpost
JobApplication.Space (2020)

A React app to organize job applications, at various stages. Currently being finished, I think. Maybe.
NewsMood (2019)

A web app built for SteelHacks 2019. Utilizes Google Natural Language API to analyze the sentiment of news media based on topic.
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Dynamic Memory Allocator (2019)

A custom built single-threaded dynamic memory allocator. Built in C for Systems Programming (CSE220)
[code available upon request]
Genetic Algorithm (2019)

Code created to train and cultivate initially random inputs into the desired outputs. Built in Scala for Intro to Computer Science II (CSE116)
[code available upon request]